All services are à la carte.


Appointment duration may vary due to hair length, technical application or height of the client (think full leg wax on Abraham Lincoln versus Mary Todd Lincoln).

New-to-us or a first-time-ever-in-life waxer? Never fear. Just like setting up your Tinder profile, we'll have a get-to-know-you form waiting when you come in to cover all the basics we'll need to know to give you the best experience. If you have questions or concerns before you come in, give us a call or check our our FAQ's!


The Nitty Gritty loves bodies of every shape, size, gender and orientation - all are welcome here. If you have questions about our services or if you'd like something you do not see below, please call us!!!

*Some appointments require consultations before booking! 




Vagacial: deep cleanse, super exfoliation and extractions of the exterior female nether-regions. specifically for ladies who frequently experience ingrown hairs of the female pubic area. ($60)




We also offer a variety of after-care potions & lotions to keep skin healthy between appointments - Please see your esthetician for details!